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From rafting, to hunting, to overland exploring... read about how adventure seekers are using Canyon Coolers.

We have developed three series of coolers, the Outfitter Series, the Adventure Series, and the PRO Series. While the series share some similarities, such as award-winning ice retention and actual design intention, some differences make each better suited to different uses.

But this is not to say that any one Series isn't capable of any adventure you may want take it on. Your Outfitter will work perfectly well on a white-water trip. You just need to rig it differently.

Outfitter Series

Outfitter Seires Coolers are the general camping super-cooler, comprising five different sizes. The straight wall design helps them fit in tight spaces and carry well with built-in or rope handles. EZ-Cam latches make it easy for even young kids to get in and out. Compare the Outfitter Series to other top coolers on the market - it's our jack of all trades.

Adventure Series Coolers

We designed the Adventure Series coolers to move with you. From the Mule's integrated wheels and pull handle to the Frame Catch built into the Prospector, it is simple to secure to a raft or jeep frame. Aside from the Frame Catch, the Prospector has our standard straight wall design, like the Outfitter Series, to maximize space. Also, our Adventure Series coolers use the EZ-Cam Latch and have an abundance of tie-down points, making them perfect for the rough ride of a Side By Side trail or your favorite class 4 rapid.

Adventure Series Coolers
PRO Series Cooler

PRO Series Coolers

For the PRO Series, we doubled down on features. Each model has extra insulation in the walls and lid for best-in-class ice retention. A redesigned, recessed latch is both easy to operate and virtually failproof, regardless of the fall it might take. Accessory Pockets built into the lid and top of the cooler body receive a growing line of accessories, including the divider/cutting board included with the PRO45 and PRO65 quart models.

The Navigator 150 combines the PRO and the Adventure Series coolers. It's a beast of a cooler made to keep ice intact for days, if not weeks. This is the cooler you take when you draw an early archery elk hunt and don't plan on coming into town for the duration of the two-week hunt. And it has the same Frame Catch as the Prospector, making it a roomier alternative for longer floats down the river.

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