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From rafting, to hunting, to overland exploring... read about how adventure seekers are using Canyon Coolers.


Consistently Better Than Yeti

Better Ice Retention

Keep ice longer - yes, longer than 'Brand Y'. In almost every fair heads up Ice Retention Test we've been in, Canyon's consistently rank at, or near the top.

Adventure further, better ice retention, means fewer trips to the convenience store and less money spent on ice.

It's hip to be square... if you're a cooler

Mission Friendly Design

Cupcakes taste good, but we didn't want our coolers to look like one. We prefer square, flush walls that fit tight spaces better.

We like dividers that double as tables, We like baskets that stack rotate and double stack. We like latches that have easy cam action and stay flush and out of the way. We like seals that work better and actually insulate.

We love design, and we take it seriously !

square walls
cooler warranty

The Sh!t Happens Warranty

Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty

We build coolers to be used, not sit in the back of luxury sedans, or look pretty on a deck in a magazine photo shoot.

When you really, really get out there, life happen. Things get broken. Maybe a drain plug gets lost, or a latch get's eaten by a bear.

We've got you covered with the industry's nicest no-hassle lifetime warranty.

Built for a lifetime of adventure.


Canyon Coolers are designed and built tough. Canyon has been standing behind it's products since 2011, so you know our business model is just as durable and just as long-lasting.


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