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Why Buy A Canyon?

With so many options in the cooler market, it can be hard to decide where your money is best spent. Here's a quick guide to what sets Canyon apart from our competitors in the high-end cooler space.

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Ice Retention

SPF 100 For Your Ice

Canyon's line of hard and soft-side coolers keep up with or surpass our rotomolded competitors in damn near every ice test we've been in. We call it SPF 100 for your ice cubes. In the long run, it saves you time and money (and keeps your drinks colder).

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User Friendly Design

It's hip to be square... if you're a cooler

We went out of our way to design coolers that have straight flush walls and no cupcake top lids because they fit into your life, and your rigs, better that way. It's harder to make them like this (which is why our competitors all look the same), but we make coolers to be used by real people, not so they can be removed from the manufacturing mold easier.

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Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty

The Sh!t Happens Warranty

We build coolers to be used by men and women who actually use them. And in using them, things happen. Things get broken. But we've got you covered with the industry's only no-hassle warranty.

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Literally the last cooler you need to buy

Between the durability of the rotational molding process and the customer-first orientation of our lifetime warranty, Canyon's are built to last for a lifetime of adventures.

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