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Top 5 Reasons To Get a Nomad or Coulee Cooler

  • 4 min read

Summer if finally here and with it there really is no better time to invest into one of our high-quality soft cooler. Whether you're an adventurer, river runner, camping enthusiasts, fishing fanatic or someone who just enjoys taking day trips to the lake or river, the Nomad and Coulee coolers are perfect for you. We put together a list of the top five reason you need a Nomad or Coulee cooler today.

1. Superior Insulation System for Longer Cooling. 

    One of the number one reasons to invest into the Nomads or Coulee is the superior insulation. Our premium insulation systems are designed to keep your beer and food cold for hours on end, making the Nomads and Coulee perfect for long trips and virtually any outdoor activity imaginable. Our thick walls and advanced insulation technology can be of assurance that ice will last longer. Keeping your perishables fresh and drinks cold for the duration of your activities. 

    Nomads: Our Extra-thick closed-cell insulation keeps the cold in for from 3.5-4.5 days in 90 degree weather. 

    Coulee: Although the Coulee has a thinner roll-up insulation system, don't get it twisted. Our Coulee's can hold Ice retention for the daily trips and make a perfect adventure companion no matter where the road leads you. 

     2. Durable Rugged Construction

    Durability is always an important factor when selecting your soft cooler, both our Coulee's and Nomad's have been put to the test and both have come out on top. Both models include a 100% sonic welded seam making leakage a thing of the past. Don't believe us?  THEY ALSO FLOAT  yes, that's right we know our fans love taking their coolers to the water so we made sure both the Coulee and Nomad are floatable so go ahead and take a dip in the water!

    Nomads: Sonically welded seams, Dry Bag construction, Abrasion-resistant 840 TPU impregnated denier fiber outer construction, and includes a silicon lubricant. The Nomad was designed with the durability is deserves.

    Coulee: Sonically welded seams, dry bag construction and made with Non-toxic, Environmentally safe premium liner. All of this makes the Coulee perfect for your day adventures.

    3. A User Friendly Design and Amazing Features

    Durability is one thing, but the design is what separates our soft coolers apart. for the Nomad Series we integrated a trap mouth opening system. This allows the user easy access to everything inside while maintaining coolness and keeping the heat out, even when you forget to zip it up. The Nomads also have an outer pocket for storage  so your phone or wallet won't go missing. Whether it's the Nomad Go with a hands free backpack carry system or the Nomad 20/30 with a lightweight shoulder strap carrying your Nomad has never been easier. The Coulee's design is our wide mouth roll top opening, this allows the user to easily access the cooler without any hassle. The Coulee is also equipped with an outer storage system for belongings and integrated with a easy carry backpack straps similar to the Nomad Go. We also included a side air valve which allows for extra flotation or more cushioning.

    Nomads: Shoulder strap or backpack straps allow for a hands free experience, Trap mouth opening keeps the cold in even when unzipped, outer pocket for storage and a bottle opener for the adventure beer we all need. Tie down locations on the exterior as well.

    Coulee: Easy carry backpack straps and padding for comfort, wide mouth roll top opening for easy access, outer pocket for storage and side valve allowing for extra flotation.

    4. Versatile Sizes and Capacities 

    Depending on the outdoor experience you are about to embark on we made sure to cover all avenues. It is essential to get the right sized cooler for your experience and we made it easy in choosing. The Nomad comes in 3 models the Nomad 20, Nomad 30 and the Nomad Go. Each soft cooler was made for different durations of trips. The Nomad 20 is only 4.5 pounds and fits almost anywhere. The Nomad 20 can keep beverages cold for up to 1-2 days and hold up to 20 liters or 21 quarts. The Nomad 30 is very similar, the Nomad 30 weights in at about 5.5 pounds and keeps beverages cold for up to 2-3.5 days. However the Nomad 30 certainly is our biggest and best design, with a capacity of 30 liters or 32 quarts. Finally our Nomad Go. The Nomad Go also weighs about 5.5 pounds and can keep your beverage cold for up to 2-3.5 days. The Nomad Go is also capable of holding 25 liters or 22 quarts. 

    The Coulee on the other hand is made for travel, The Coulee holds ice on end for 1-2 days and is the lightest cooler we have made to date. The coulee is more of a 12 pack cooler and although it doesn't hold as nearly the amount of cans the Nomads do, the coulee gets the job done when it comes to any day trip. 

    Nomad 20: 4.5 pounds, 1-2 days ice retention, 20 liters or 21 quarts capacity 

    Nomad 30: 5.5 pounds, 2-3 days ice retention, 30 liters or 32 quarts capacity

    Nomad Go: 5.5 pounds, 2-3 days ice retention, 25 liters or 22 quarts capacity

    Coulee: 3 pounds, 1-2 Days Ice retention, 18 liters or 20 quarts capacity


    5. Eco-Friendly 

    In today's ever confusing world being environmentally conscious is more important than ever, that's why both the Nomad and Coulee are designed with eco-friendliness is mind, ensuring you can enjoy the outdoors without the harm to it. The Nomads models were built with non-toxic, environmentally safer liner and shell. This ensures we are helping do our part in protecting this planet, as well as, keeping your drinks and food safe from harmful material. The coulee is also designed with a non-toxic, environmentally safe premium liner. Once again making sure we are doing our part in protecting this planet while keeping your food and drinks safe in the process. 

    Nomad's and Coulee's: Non-toxic, Environmentally safe premium liner 



    Investing in a Nomad and Coulee cooler is a smart choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. With superior insulation, durable construction, user-friendly features, versatile sizes, and eco-friendly materials, these coolers offer everything you need to keep your food and drinks cool on any adventure. Don’t let the heat spoil your fun – get your Nomad and Coulee cooler today and experience the difference!

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