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Large Catering Pan

Cambro Catering 1/2 Pan

Fits both our Pro Series 45 and our Pro Series 65 coolers. Ensure efficiency while increasing food safety with this professional grade food pan.  4" deep clear 1/2 size polycarbonate food pan! Built to withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, and made of virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate, this food pan is designed to last even in the toughest commercial kitchens and outdoor environments. This pan won't crack, bend, or dent. Use it to store, transport, and serve all from the same pan - the clear complexion offers an easy-to-see option, while molded-in graduations in standard and metric measurements promote easy inventory management.

A uniform 1/2" flange on this pan ensures a smooth fit in the Canyon Pro 45 and Canyon PRO 65 ice chest, prep tables and food bars while a textured bottom resists scratching under everyday conditions. Inside the pan, a non-stick, smooth interior surface promotes easy cleaning while increasing yields, and a large radius bottom limits food waste.

This pan won't react to food, minimizing the risk of a potentially hazardous chemical or acidic reaction. Plus, tests prove that these food pans keep product as cold as stainless steel pans, with less condensation. This means your fresh produce stays fresher, longer, saving you money in the long run!

When not in use, this pan stacks neatly without wedging or sticking to other pans, or store right inside your Canyon Cooler Pro 65, or Pro 45. 

Most catering pan lids will also fit these awesome pans. 

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12 3/4"
Width: 10 7/16"
Depth: 4"

Capacity: 6.3 qt.

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