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2024 V2 Outfitter Drain Plug

Compatible with the all New Outfitters starting in roughly July of 2024. Older Outfitter plugs from 2019 to mid 2024 can be found here

PRO 45,  PRO65, and PRO150 Navigator large diameter drain plugs can be found here

We anticipate also using this plug in PRO models starting in late 2024

Fitting TIp:  This plug is about 1.5" diameter where it threads into the body, The inner plug utilizes a garden hose threading, Outer assembly has a O - Ring, and the inner assembly a flat garden hose gasket. 

Please Note: That you must match up the plug you have or contact us before ordering. We have made running changes over the years and not all plugs will fit all coolers. Contact us using our warranty form for help identifying which plug you need before ordering.

If you are unsure which you need, file a warranty claim and we will help you identify the right one. Providing us with the hole diameter will speed up your claim. 

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