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From rafting, to hunting, to overland exploring... read about how adventure seekers are using Canyon Coolers.

Prospector 103 Canyon Cushion with cup-holder

Introducing the all new Marine Grade Prospector 103 Seat Pad.  

Key Features:

🌟 Premium Quality Canvas: Crafted from durable Waterproof Canvas, fabricated right in Flagstaff Arizona.

🌧️ All-Weather Durability: Dry fast 2.5" Foam keeps mold and mildew away. UV resistant 

🔗 Fasteners: Equipped with a  robust #5 YKK zipper ensuring smooth operation and longevity. Cover can be washed, or embroidered for further customization. Comes with robust snap system to stay put in any wind. Snugly holds river maps under the pad. 

🥤 Silicone Cup Holders: just because your on an adventure doesn't mean your beverage needs to wander. Also doubles as a holder for your cell phone. Easy to clean and nearly indestructible

Completes your cooler system and protects your investment. There are snap screw studs you will need to drill into the cooler body. These will allow you to attach and detach the pad anytime you want, in  a snap. This will not void any warranty. They are zipped up inside the cushion. 

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