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Cooler Runnings 1.0

  • 1 min read

A Cooler Bobsled Charity Event


Cooler Runnings. We were bored. Done with winter perhaps. Wondering how we could make life less boring.

“What if we turn a cooler into a bobsled, and challenge some of the other brands in Flagstaff to a bobsled race?”

After working out some of the details. Pierce, our shipping manager said, “You’ve got to call it Cooler Runnings.”

And he was right.

We had no idea what it would like like. If it would even work. But we reached out to Mother Road Brewing. And then KC Hilites, followed by Peace Surplus, and finally Ceiba Adventures. All eagerly joined.

Then it became a charity event. Winner decides which local charity is given the prize.

Flagstaff Snow Park stepped up and hosted us, which solved a slew of logistical issues, and turned out to be the perfect venue.

Then the day came. And everyone brought their cooler-bobsleds. Walked them up the hill. Gripped the cooler body. And let goooooooooo!

And boy did the sleds go. The even turned out to be a riot, even though somewhat disorganized; such that we don’t really even know who won. Next year it will be bigger. It will be faster. It will be badder. We’ll have a DJ. We’ll have more beer. And we’ll have more participants, and we’ll raise even more money for charity.


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