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A Trip Down Missouri's Eleven Point River

  • 2 min read

December 19-21, 2020

It seems, when great ideas strike they rarely come with an ample amount of time that is needed to plan and prepare. Fortunately for us it was more of a matter of who wants to bring what, then it was what are we going to do without that thing; gear was if no shortage. 48 hours passed and us six guys, in the middle of one of the coldest months of the year decided to float 12 miles down The Eleven Point National Scenic River. The weather could not have been better, the guys are something truly special and the cooking will leave lasting impacts for at least another week. 


The nights were cold and damp as dew and fog off the river seemed to act as a tropical monsoon and leave us to wake up with frost and hasty desire to get a fire going. Our days were of another season with warm sun and beautiful scenery. There was more laughter in the past few days then I have possibly experienced this whole year. 


Fishing was sparse and despite the many miles with no action Mack and I were bound and determine to land at least one rainbow trout. We had only a few hundred yards left of our float when I realized that I  had spent most of my time and energy laser focused on a small orange indicator bobbing through the icy blue rapids. Miles of beauty around us, dear friends by my side and the attention was on the task of catching literally anything. 



It was a stark reminder to me as we close out 2020 and move into the new year that, in life, despite whatever the task is that we should not forget where we are and who is around us along the way. For me personally, contentment is a difficult thing to achieve, but I believe it must start with a grateful attitude and a appreciation of where we are instead of a focus on where we want to be. 


Cheers to 2020. 

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