Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Certified - Product #3769

    If mud, rocks, rivers, and tall trees call your name like they do ours, then you probably need a cooler that will keep up in tough climates and rough terrain. That’s why Canyon Coolers are made with Seriously Super Tough Roto-Molded PE Construction with a 2.7” thick wall. Not to mention they are certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee - because a grizzly has no right to be getting in your grub. Whether you’re looking for a hunting, marine, or whitewater cooler we guarantee our toughness can’t be beat.



  • COLD


    Less Ice consumption means lower cost and longer trips.

    The original Canyon Coolers were designed to keep food supplies cold for Grand Canyon excursions, lasting up to two weeks in +100℉ temperatures. With that information in mind, we kept the same construction techniques and molded coolers in sizes more manageable for Weekend Warriors. On average, Canyon Coolers can keep ice frozen for 5-14 days depending on the variables you put it through. Brrrr...



  • We outfit long scientific expeditions in one of the most dynamic environments on the planet, with trips extending outwards of three weeks food preservation is a critical need. With older cooler technology we might have ice last as long as ten days; with the new Canyon Coolers our trips often bring ice home after three weeks, a huge advance. Canyon Coolers are durable and light weight making them ideal for all our field operations.
    Seth Felder
  • My hunting partners have been using Canyon Coolers for several hunting seasons now and they are hands down the best money spent when it comes to keeping ice for days and holding up to the abuse we put them through. Last year on an August Antelope hunt we had food that stayed frozen for 11 days in our 160qt! That cooler sat in the wall tent on days hitting 100F! We saved more money NOT driving to get more ice than the cooler cost just on that one hunt.
    Sam Heffelfinger
    Flatline Maps
  • Our company, Ceiba Adventures, caters to private and science river trips on the Grand Canyon and all the rivers in the Southwest. Durable and well insulated coolers are an integral part of long desert expeditions. We feel that Canyon Coolers are the best choice for the job!
    Scott Davis
    Ceiba Adventures
  • Canyon Coolers has stood up to extensive hydrological field work in the Arizona climate. Keeping water-quality samples cold while in the field is essential to ensure accurate data for our studies, and Canyon Coolers keep those samples cold in all conditions. Field work can last for weeks and Canyon Coolers keep our samples cold throughout. The solid construction and ease of use make these a preferable cooler for all of our water sampling needs. .
    Jamie P. Macy
    Greenhouse Productions

    Worth It

    More sizes, better warranty, lower price!

    Looking for the best bang for your buck? Canyon Coolers cost 46% less than the leading competitor on the market. Did we mention that we also have more sizes to choose from, a lifetime warranty (compared to their 5 year warranty), and are made with the same construction techniques? The answer is obvious - keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket and buy a cooler that’s just as tough.