Whether you’re a Canyon Coolers fan or not, being nice to your ice is going to keep the stuff inside your ice chest cold much further down the road . Here at Canyon Coolers, we feel that the retention time for any X, Y or Z brand rotomolded ice chest, needs to be qualified with about 50 variables before beginning to compare apples to apples.

Regardless of the type, brand, or size of cooler you have, following these simple principals can get you some serious mileage out of your box and your ice.

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Seriously guys, we’re talking about a box that is meant to hold your ice and your beverages, not a wonder product that can make hot things cold. You can’t pull your cooler off the shelf in your 110 degree garage and hope it holds any ice for even a little bit. The box itself is a lot of mass (of dense plastic) to change the temperature on. Pre-cooling your ice chest a day or so before you pack it will go so incredibly far, you will be amazed.

On that same note, don’t put warm beer in your cooler and hope it doesn’t wreck your ice. Pack that sucker with cold (or even frozen) food and drink! If everything in the cooler is already cold, including the cooler itself, you are setting yourself up for record setting ice retention.


Well, obviously not if you need to breath it, but when we are talking ice, AIR IS BAD! One of the biggest factors in how well your ice keeps is how tightly sealed you can keep it. We strive to make sure the gaskets in all of our coolers are top notch and create a strong seal! This also means filling your cooler up with as many cold things (ice, beer, food, and more ice) as possible to limit the amount of dead air space in the box.

Obviously, you need to get into your cooler once in a while to retrieve something chilly. Planning out your lid openings and keeping the lid open as short as possible will always help. Keeping your beverages in a separate cooler from your food might be a good idea!(More about this idea below!)


We get asked all the time which is better: block ice or cube ice? Often times it’s easy to jump and say “BLOCKS! Blocks are better”, but really that isn’t always the case. Blocks are awesome and a good, hard block of ice is very, very hard to beat. The problem comes when you stack block ice and all your food in a cooler, often times there are lots of odd shaped voids, that you just can’t cram another can into. This is where that wonderful cubed or crushed ice comes in so handy. Just think, if you packed it all as nice and tight as you could around a block or two, and then took some crushed ice and filled ALL THOSE LITTLE VOIDS! Boom! Now you are really going to keep stuff cold.


Sometimes if you are really trying to stretch that ice long enough to have lunch meat on day 6, you need to separate your priorities. What we mean here is putting your non-essential cold things (like beer, soda, and even snack food) in a separate cooler. Let’s face it, that is the stuff you’re in and out of your cooler 12 times a day for, right? If you are really trying to keep some stuff cold and you’re opening and closing the lid all the time… you’re killing your ice with air. If the only thing in that main cooler is your dinner and breakfast food and you only quickly access it twice a day… yeah that’s right it’s going to last oodles longer. Reality is your beverages and non-perishable snack stuff can stand to just be cool and not really cold towards the end of your trip. That nice big tri-tip for the last night of camping can’t afford the same luxuries.

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Stay Cool guys and gals. Remember BE NICE TO YOUR ICE!

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