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Win a 22-Quart Cooler

April 1, 2020

It's the first of April and had you told us 3 months ago what would be happening in the world regarding the novel coronavirus, we'd have thought it was a terrible, terrible April Fool's joke. Yet here we are, with most of life as we knew it on lockdown for at least the next 30 days.

So in our own needing something to look forward to, we've just launched the new "Show A 22, Win a 22" giveaway contest. It's easy to enter, just follow the link and enter your name and email. And each Wednesday until the middle of May, we're going to give a random lucky winner his or her choice of one of our 3 22-Quart day coolers; either an Outfitter 22, Scout 22, or a Nomad 22 (not technically 22 quarts, but we figured it was close enough).

Once you sign up, you're going to go to a confirmation page, on which there will be additional actions you can take to gain extra entries in the weekly drawings. These actions include following us on Instagram, subscribing to our YouTube channel, sharing the contest on Facebook, or sharing it with your friends and family.

And the biggest one of all, the way to get the most additional points, is to post a picture or a story of something related to the number 22 on Instagram and use the hashtag, #cnyn22challenge. Do this, and we'll add an additional 22 entries for you. As an idea of what something related to 22 might be, here's a quick list:

  • Do 22 pushups
  • Run for 22 minutes
  • Go shoot a .22LR
  • Shoot 22 arrows
  • Drink 22 beers (our personal favorite)

You name it, be creative and have fun. Just remember the more you do, the better your chances to win. And don't forget the hashtag: #cnyn22challenge

Enter the Contest Here

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