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Keep The Good Stuff Yours with Grizzly Bear Certification and a No-Fault Warranty

April 28, 2021

Julian Hiner is born and raised on Kodiak Island in Alaska. And like most who call Alaska home, he is cut from a different cloth than those of us softer folks in the lower latitudes.

Julian did a stint on his dad’s crab boat in one of the early seasons of The Deadliest Catch. And then grew tired of the B.S. the producers created on the show and settled back in on the dry land of Kodiak. He started guiding hunters chasing mountain goats and brown bears in the island’s road system management units near Kodiak. When there’s nothing to hunt and the salmon are running, he guides anglers hoping to take home a bounty of the pink fleshy fish that costs a fortune in the lower 48.

Alaska Brown Bear

Life on the island happens fast. Because so much of the year goes without light, you’ve got to get gettin when the gettin’s good. It’s a rule followed by both human and massive land mammal alike.

And on one particular fishing trip, Julian returned to his side-by-side moments after a hungry brown bear gave up its attempt at getting the good stuff locked safely inside his Outfitter 55 Quart Cooler. But the bruin definitely left its mark before leaving.

bear damage

Julian sent us the pictures and the story. Of course, our Sh!t Happens warranty covers damage by hangry bears, so we happily sent him a new cooler.

Follow Julian on Instagram: @akaleuthunter

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