My name is Kelly Cox, I own and operate which is a media based online magazine that focuses on sharing all “Our Obsessions” through film and video, photos and stories.

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This website came about from my love to film my own and my family’s hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures. I have a passion of sharing my adventures through film, I like to think about my films as a live journal of my adventures that can be passed down through my family for years to come.I have filmed several hunting adventures for different people and the common statement from most all of them is that a final edited film is as valuable to them as the animal taken, because the film helps them relive, share with others the entire adventure they were on.

I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, filming wildlife, filming hunts, fishing trips, scouting for big game or just camping with the family. I considered many coolers on the market and chose Canyon Coolers to assist me in all my outdoor adventures. Canyon Coolers has a product fit to assist me in every application, from afternoon trips with the Outfitter 22 and the new Quest Soft Coolers, or on an extended trip where I need the Outfitter 35 and the Prospector 103.

Why did I name it “i-Video Wildlife” when the “Our Obsessions” part of the website is about you?
I am passionate about filming, films and videos, when I started the website there were many magazines that shared people’s hunts and fishing adventures, but none of them where video or film based, I wanted a platform that was online and predominately film and video based, so I chose i-Video Wildlife as the company name. The website has grown and I am now able to offer the viewers and people who share their films, photos and stories upwards of $1,000 each month of gear from amazing sponsors and partners. We have also started offering fully outfitted, guided, all the gear and cash money for an ultimate hunting adventure, which can be entered by purchasing apparel and gear form the website, every $5.00 spent enters you 1 time. So far, the $10,000.00 Lion Hunt and the $15,000.00 Elk hunt have been won by guys who purchased about $30.00 through the website.iVideoWildLife-KellyCox1-Canyon Coolers

Hope you follow along and share “Your Obsessions”.

Kelly Cox

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Intro To Video….
I have been involved in the outdoors for as long as I can remember, fishing, hunting and camping and I truly believe that these activities can mold individuals into better people. This film titled “Don’t Blink” is a tribute to my 16 year old son, Bridger Cox, and all the amazing adventures we have been blessed to be a part of. It is also a reminder to all of us just how fast time flies! So, document your adventures….

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