Mar 24, 2016

When you have items that need to stay cold, look no further than the new Quest Soft Coolers by Canyon Coolers®. Built tough for just about any outdoor adventure from rafting and fishing to hunting or camping, these convenient soft coolers will keep items cold for the duration of your trip. Available in two sizes and a variety of colors, the insulated, waterproof and leak-proof coolers are a must have for your next journey. The Quest Soft Coolers may be soft, but there is absolutely nothing wimpy about them. Constructed of raft-grade tarpaulin inside and out, the material resists tears and even bottle cap scars. These coolers are literally made to take bumps manufactured with welded seams for high-performance durability. Lined with IceSkin insulation, the coolers can keep ice intact for days. Designed with a roll-top waterproof and leak-proof seal, tie-down and lashing points for stowing, and high quality backpack straps for hands-free adventuring, the coolers can be used in virtually every environment, wet, dry, marshy and anywhere in between. The pack also incorporates a top mounted drain plug, which accommodates hydration bladder tubes for a convenient way to stay hydrated when on the go.

The Canyon Quest Soft Coolers are available in two sizes. The Canyon Quest Trek 22 is ideal for frosty beverages on the go. The smaller of the two coolers in the line, it measures 22.5” x 10” x 7” and has 4 secure tie down points to attach it to your raft, boat or 4-wheel vehicle. The Canyon Quest Epic 32 has a medium stow area and measures 32” x 13” x 11”. It also has 8 secure lashing points integrated into the design of the cooler. The Canyon Quest Trek 22 is available in Yellow or Flame Orange and the Quest Epic 32 comes in both Flame Orange and Grey. Both models carry a 5-year unconditional warranty.

Canyon Coolers is a manufacturer renown for creating ridiculously cold, seriously tough coolers that keep food and beverages cold for not just days, but weeks. Developed for river rafters venturing on multiple day trips, the company has developed and enhanced seals, latches and other innovations while maintaining heavy-duty durability and insulating capabilities. Today, Canyon Coolers are regularly used by hunters, anglers, rafters, outdoor enthusiasts — and essentially anyone whose adventures are fueled by seriously cold refreshments.


Mar 10, 2016

Whether you’re out on multi-day fishing trip or spending several days hitting the rapids, a premium cooler that’ll keep provisions ice cold and the day’s catch fresh is an absolute must have. Canyon Coolers has introduced a new ice chest that’ll fit the bill and more, the new Canyon Coolers Prospector 103. Not only does this monster ice chest raise the industry standard in ice retention, its rugged and virtually indestructible design ensures it can take on the use and abuse of countless rapids and the roughest waves in stride. The basic platform of the Prospector 103 is key. It was designed to securely mount in a boat or raft. You can throw this cooler over any rail, roll bar or raft frame with 18-inch spacing and tie it off with the six built-in tie down slots. The cooler also accommodates over and under straps that will keep the unit in place when mounted to ATVs, flats boats and any other vehicle that will get you close to fish. Once you get the cooler mounted, you don’t have to worry about reaching the drain plug because Canyon designed two into this cooler … one on the front and one on the side. Both plugs are no-lose and recessed.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Prospector 103 is the customizable inside of the 103-quart chest. Four tiered baskets can be organized within the cooler. Drop a basket on the internal lower lip and load it full of food or drinks. Lift and rotate the basket and it perfectly fits an upper lip. Plus, there are two different divider slots to choose from, so you can keep your catch away from drinks, or segment daily meals for your rafting trip with ease.

The lid will be a favorite of anglers, as it is 3 inches thick and is a perfect casting platform for sight fishermen. Rubber feet on all white models keep the Prospector from slipping, while Australian-style burly skid plates on the non-white models make dragging and maneuvering very easy. Three cam lid latches make the cooler bear-proof and airtight. This not only adds to the ice retention, which is off-the-charts good, but keeps the seal spot-on and warp-free. Like the lid latches and drain plug, the heavy-duty rope handles are recessed to keep the cooler sleek and packable.

The Prospector 103 weighs in at 40 pounds and features Huntsman High Density PU foam. Canyon Coolers is so confident in the performance of this product, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Canyon Coolers is a manufacturer renown for creating ridiculously cold, seriously tough coolers that keep food and beverages cold for not just days, but weeks. Developed for river rafters venturing on multiple day trips, the company has developed and enhanced seals, latches and other innovations while maintaining heavy-duty durability and insulating capabilities. Today, Canyon Coolers are regularly used by hunters, anglers, rafters, outdoor enthusiasts — and essentially anyone whose adventures are fueled by seriously cold refreshments.


Aug 25, 2015

35-Quart Outfitter Cooler Offers Anglers Everything They Need for a Successful Day on the Water

Anglers looking for a whole new level of ice chest for their fishing adventures can find the ultimate in cooler versatility in the new 35-quart Ultimate Fishing Cooler from Canyon Coolers®. Beyond its brilliantly tough construction and ability to keep ice and the day’s catch ridiculously cold, the new ice chest comes completely decked out with a myriad of the ‘coolest’ fishing accessories, making it the next must-have cooler on every angler’s wish list.

Need a place to store a rod or two (or three or four) – no problem. The Canyon Coolers Ultimate Cooler comes equipped with four handy rod holders, securely fastened to the cooler at each corner via strong and durable Nutzerts. The cooler’s Aquatraction EVA foam padding is great for ‘no-slip’ casting, comfortable seating or simply for keeping gear from busting lose. The Canyon Coolers Ultimate Fishing Cooler also helps keep gear organized thanks to its well-attached accessory pouch, perfect for housing up to a 9-inch x 11-inch tackle box. And the extremely useful accessories don’t stop there.

Open up your Ultimate Fishing Cooler to find an included wire basket for keeping dry items dry and a waterproof, rechargeable Alien Adventure Light, which will brighten up the cooler for clear viewing of contents when it’s dark outside. The bright blue light also features a magnetic base and comes with two mounting options. Finally, because staying hydrated and refreshed is a top priority when on any fishing trip, a convenient drink holder is securely attached to the cooler via a super-tough StarPort Mounting Base.

These extremely cool fishing accessories would be all for naught if the cooler itself didn’t stand out all on its own. The Canyon Coolers Outfitter 35 quart is true to size, which means it really holds 35 quarts, which doesn’t happen with the advertised holding capacities of other premium cooler brands. While it can hold a significant amount of contents, it weighs only 22lbs and is perfectly sized for carrying on and off the boat, or snug nicely on your paddleboard for any fishing adventure.

This cooler is built brutally strong. The premium polyethylene shell is filled with high-density foam. An aluminum hinge pin runs the length of the lid, ensuring that the lid and cooler body will remain inseparable for the life of the product. To maintain the incredibly long ice retention rate (lasting weeks, instead of days) Canyon Coolers designed its 35-quart Outfitter with beastly thick walls (3” lids with 2” floors) as well as a Silicon seal, so not a breath of chilled air can escape. Thick rope handles will hold not only what you can put in the cooler, but also whatever you’d like to stack on top of it for transport.

Speaking of transport, the external design of the Outfitter 35 was carefully crafted to maximize a users space when carrying the cooler from home to end location. Its corners are squared to make packing around the cooler simple. Its closing latches are recessed to keep them from snagging other gear. On top of all these features is a certified bear-proof locking lid, rubber non skid feet for staying put during rough waters and a no-lose drain plug. Plus, like all Canyon Coolers, the Ultimate Fishing Cooler does not stain or absorb odor – an important feature when cleaning out the day’s catch.


Mar 24, 2016

Even those shorter boating or fishing excursions require the best of the best in cooler quality whether your goal is to keep refreshments ice cold or ensure your catch stays fresh beyond the journey home. That’s why there’s the Canyon Coolers 22-quart Outfitter: for the spur-of-the-moment, decided-to-play-hooky-and-go-fishing or boating day trips. It’s not just the perfect personal cooler for your day trips, but its premium compact size fits like a glove onboard canoes, kayaks and even paddleboards — keeping contents ice cold for adventures lasting up to three days.

Don’t let its smaller size fool you, this personal cooler is built just as brutally strong as its bigger brothers in the Outfitter Series, featuring a premium polyethylene RotoMolded shell filled with high-density foam. This virtually indestructible shell can take on anything Mother Nature, the roughest waves – or the toughest angler – can dish out. Not only can this cooler take on the bumps and bruises only really good adventures bring, you can rest assure that your contents will stay securely inside thanks to an integrated bullet-proof hinge and 100% recessed cam latches (which also prevent snagging against other gear in transport).

Ice-cold air stays trapped inside thanks to the Outfitter’s ¾-inch thick foam rubber seal, which ensures a tight, virtually leak-proof closure. This helps the cooler to house up to 20 cans of your favorite beverage and still maintain maximum ice retention, even as the sun beats down on it all day long.

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds and measuring a little over a foot in both length and height, the Canyon Coolers 22-quart Outfitter is compact and easy to transport singlehandedly. Its square shape makes packing in the truck or car easy — it can even snug nicely on the car seat or on the floor of your vehicle. Integrated skid plates also make sliding the cooler in and out of truck beds a snap. And when you’re ready to carry it onboard, it’s an easy and comfortable carry thanks to its incredibly durable and padded gun sling-style carrying strap. The Canyon Coolers 22-quart Outfitter comes in white, sandstone, blue, as well as a variety of limited edition colors, and will not stain or absorb odor from the day’s catch or a spilt beverage.


Aug 25, 2015

Hunters rely on the 75 quart Outfitter to keep hunting essentials ice cold for weeks

A good hunting cooler is tasked with more than just keeping up with the bumps and bruises of your excursion while keeping beverages that fuel your hunt ice cold. While those responsibilities are important, your ice chest is also challenged with an extremely critical job: maintaining the integrity of your harvested trophy. Hunters can trust that the 75-quart Outfitter from Canyon Coolers® will shine through on all counts as the perfect premium cooler for the job, keeping its contents ice-cold for weeks, not just days. Best part – it won’t break the bank, leaving more funds for deer tags and ice-cold beer to throw in it.

Engineered for performance from the inside out, the Canyon Coolers Outfitter 75 features more than two inches of wall thickness constructed of high-density premium polyurethane (injected under pressure) within all wall cavities and the lid. In addition to its incredibly thick walls, a solid neoprene gasket rims the lid, effectively sealing cold air in and keeping warm air and moisture out. This all contributes to this premium cooler’s impressive ice retention time which lasts up to 16 days depending on conditions.

To further ensure this cooler can stand up to whatever the toughest hunter can dish out, Canyon Coolers designers constructed it with super tough polyethylene RotoMolded plastic with an integrated bullet-proof hinge. An incorporated cable lock system will also keep contents safely secured when away from camp.

Other standout features that make this cooler extremely hunter-friendly start with its unique outside dimensions that make transport in and out of hunting camp simple. The Outfitter 75 boasts very square corners for easy packing in truck beds or 4x4s while handy skid plates make sliding in and out of the truck or trailer a snap. And not to worry if your 75-quart Outfitter is packed tight in the truck, the cooler’s sturdy 100% recessed hinges and latches won’t break or get in the way during transport. Molded handgrips and thick rope handles make easy work of moving and maneuvering the cooler season after season. Plus, the drain plug is tethered, which will keep it from getting lost. Need to bring more than one cooler? No problem. Its little brother, the Outfitter 22 nests right inside the Outfitter 75, saving space when traveling to and from hunting camp.

Like all Canyon Coolers, the Outfitter 75 ice chest is true to size, meaning unlike competitors the cooler actually holds the advertised 75 quarts of contents (that’s 55 cans plus ice). It weighs 30 pounds and can also double as a great seat around the fire (when used with an available Canyon Coolers seat cushion). The Canyon Cooler Outfitter 75 is available in sandstone and white.